Donate by Text Message

JustTextGiving is the UK’s first ever free text donation service.

100% of your text donation will go to ZAWT and there are no fees for this service. Using our unique six-digit code ZAWT11, you can donate instantly to our appeal .

There’s no cost to you for sending the text message and your free allowance/bundle won’t be deducted.

Suppose you want to donate £10. To make your donation you’d send the text ZAWT11 £10 to the number 70070. If you find it difficult to insert a £ sign into your text message, just leave it out and send the numeral only e.g. ZAWT11 10

The minimum amount per donation is £1.

The maximum amount per donation is £10.

Donations can only be in the amount of £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, and £10.

You can give a maximum of £30 per month (e.g. three text donations of £10 each).

If you’d like to claim Gift Aid on your donation just follow the instructions in the confirmation text you will receive from Just Giving.

Claiming Gift Aid is very important – for every £1 you donate, ZAWT will receive an extra 25p .

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