Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust

Supporting the Zimbabwean Agricultural Community

Education of orphans

In some areas, particularly in Mashonaland,  we are funding the continued education of farm orphans who were effectively the residue of the farm takeovers. We have certainly not been able to support them all, but there are several groups that we have been able to fund for more than ten years. Some of these youngsters are reaching the top of the academic ladder at their schools and are writing their A levels. Others have completed training courses at St Peters, Kubatana in skills such as metalwork, woodwork, building and hairdressing.

Glen View.2 - 5.16In all cases, we have sought to offer those we support a real chance in life. Unlike in other social groups in the west, orphans in Zimbabwe are often seen as ‘cursed’ and ‘unwanted’ and thus they have to struggle against a sea of challenges, quite apart from their own lack of parents.
Recently, one of the orphans said to the Chairman on a visit to Zimbabwe,

“….Until now we have been rejected by society, but now we can walk proudly and make things as good as and maybe better than others. May God bless you many times for what you have done.

Energy. 7.2011smWe have also been able to support several former young farm children through tertiary education, one in particular having Brittle Bone Disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) who is currently doing exceptionally well at University.