About Us

ZAWT (The Zimbabwe Agricultural Welfare Trust) was founded in 2001, and has since inception been run, administered and gained all its funding solely through the efforts of its board of Trustees and many volunteers both in Zimbabwe and abroad who have given generously of their time.

All funds raised go directly to our projects in Zimbabwe.

ZAWT has no administration or other overhead, we pay no salaries, we have no costs which are not born directly by volunteeers and Trustees. Some of our Trustees have opted to remain anonymous given the real threat of danger to family and friends in Zimbabwe, and to do so have special dispensation from the Charities Commission in the UK. Others feel no threat due to lighter links, and no family in Zimbabwe and thus are happy to be publicly named.


We are lucky indeed to have the people that we do on board in the UK, both on the board of Trustees and those who act as volunteers and advisors. We have drawn from across the board, and have specialist advisors and/or Trustees in all key areas of expertise. Each and every Trustee and Voluteer has firm roots in Zimbabwe, and indeed most still have family and certainly many friends still there, hence the need for anonimity in many cases.

There are regular visits to Zimbabwe to meet with the Trustees and Volunteers there, in order that we are kept fully and completely in the picture as to the situation at all times.

There are 5 Trustees in the UK (& Scotland), most of whom have opted to exercise their right to anonymity because of a threat to their families and/or their personal interests.

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Our chairman is James Maberly and further details about James can be found here.


If you would like to write to us or send a donation to help us in our work you may use the following Postal Address

The ZAWT Trustees
c/o 20 Green Street
Sunbury on Thames
TW16 6RN

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