Our Current Projects

Please run your eye down the menu at the top and to the right, and if you are in a position to help, offer your time, resources or even advice on any of the areas, please contact us with what you are willing able to contribute to, and we will be in touch by return.

Many of our projects remain the same as those in previous years as there is continuity and definite progress which comes from the regular support of these projects.

We focus on projects related to

We are often forced to embark on projects and commitments without adequate funding in place in the first instance, and to source the funds as we go along.

As a result of this we appeal several times a year to the General Public in the countries in which we operate, as well as to a select group of Zimbabweans and sympathisers who are no longer in the country. We also attempt to source funding form institutional donors and corporate bodies, both in Zimbabwe and in the UK.

But whilst this is the most critical area of need as far as we are concerned, we also have a great need of help in several other areas at the moment.