Farm Orphans School

Please note that we have removed or changed the names of some of the schools or organisations we assist as we do not wish them to be subjected to unnecessary scrutiny by the authorities for receiving overseas donations.

For many years, we have supported an extraordinary primary school located just outside Harare. It had a large group of farm orphans attending. We assisted the school with many projects which included fitting a borehole, roof repair, rebuilding classrooms, the provision of school books and the provision of new school furniture.


All of these children have now moved on to senior schools nearby and we continue to support them in their education. Sadly, these children fit into a ‘disadvantaged’ group as most of them missed important formative years of education and as a result often do not pass their ‘O’ level exams for lack of reading and writing skills. We therefore consider how best to assist them when that moment arrives.

We also provide fuel and an allowance for an extraordinary priest called Rev Matomba who spends his life searching out and providing for these children. He is the overall coordinator of the assistance for many orphans previously at this school and elsewhere, organising foster mothers and carers for them where necessary.