Individual Cases

Supporting individuals. We have also been assisting individuals who are facing really difficult times, particularly with medical costs. Many of these people have been thrown off their farms recently. This has been a very gratifying experience and has proved a very welcome assistance by those who are in distress. This work extends to both farmers and farm workers alike.

The Mapping Project: For some time we have provided funding for a former leading farmer who is part of a team mapping out the entire land ownership/usage position in Zimbabwe as it stands today, with reference to the past. This is proving a very useful exercise as it reflects a very different picture of the land ownership and usage so regularly used by the Zimbabwe Govt. This map will be invaluable when it comes to the real decisions being taken about the future of agriculture in Zimbabwe. The World Bank have stated “We have not seen as comprehensive a database as you have produced of this country’s agricultural structure and history, anywhere else in the world.”

Mapping project


More information about the mapping project can be seen at this link.

Currently, dialogue is underway between farming leaders, the mapping team, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Lands on how to move the issue of compensation and the restructure of Agriculture forwards.