Trenance Feeding Scheme

The Trenance Feeding Scheme near Bulawayo, was, until recently, feeding upwards of 200 children one good meal a week. They attended a school nearby but most come from exceptionally poor homes. The whole area is populated by many struggling to earn a living.


In conjunction with the Lions Club of Khumalo, we have adjusted this feeding system now. Rather than feeding them one good meal a week, we encourage their mothers/carers to come once a week to a meeting point where they pay a very small amount for a bundle of food which should assist them for an entire week. This process is more effective as it encourages a sense of responsibility on the part of the parents/carers to earn enough to purchase a good bundle of food which will last them much longer than if the goods were purchased commercially.

We also, for some time, supported Trenance School (along with the Lions Club of Khumalo), in a number of different ways. We repaired their entire electrical system and helped to introduce a system of self-help in which the parents were able to work off their unpaid school levies by assisting in maintenance work at the school. For example the repair of desks and chairs, the making of school uniforms, the repainting of the school and the building of a new playground. We also funded the school fees for the 92 orphans who attended the school at that time.

ZAWT has also provided funds for the building of 2 new classrooms. These were officially opened in June 2013 and definitely offer relief to what was an already over-crowded school. The two classrooms were built with wooden panels down the centre which can be removed in order to make it one large room for assemblies, ceremonies, musical and stage productions.